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The Insider Weekly Worldview In 20 Seconds

The 5 decade trend of globalization and political cohesion has come to an end and is reversing, something which the global response to covid-19 has exacerbated.

For the foreseeable future, Western countries will be moving towards stagflation.

In layman's terms, stuff is going to get way more expensive, while bankruptcies, unemployment and dependency on government support will continue to rise.

All this, while the government's income from tax receipts takes a nose dive.

Where this leads, no one really knows, but history does not paint an encouraging picture.

The net result will be human and monetary capital fleeing bloated, increasingly bureaucratic countries like the US, UK, Europe, Australia, Canada etc., in search of lower taxes and improved quality of life (we are predicting the East - Asia, the Middle East and Eastern Europe).

This event is creating the biggest opportunities we will ever see, and our responsibility is to first protect, then grow our capital accordingly.

Applying Insider Weekly's Worldview

With the above in mind, they tend to invest in profitable, solvent companies exhibiting low debts, in sectors that are crucial to the functioning of society, that are severely mispriced.

Sectors like:

  • Energy (uranium, oil, solar, natural gas etc.)
  • Agricultural commodities
  • Battery metals
  • Rare earths
  • Shipping
  • Specific real estate
  • Crypto

To name a few.

They are invested in around 60 - 80 positions throughout 12 - 18 sectors / themes at any one time, all of which exhibit an asymmetric risk/reward setup.

Get High Return Stock Ideas Weekly

Insider Weekly is my favorite place to get stock ideas. They have picks no one else talks about and you get amazing returns. Plus their newsletters are fun to read and well written!

Insider Weekly Features

4 Issues of Weekly Insider

Every week you'll receive commentary on the markets and get stock ideas.

Deep Value Stock Tips

The stock ideas you get have huge potential for massive returns.

Global Macro Commentary

You'll fully understand risk and opportunity in these newsletters

Stock Screening Video

The criteria a stock must meet to be selected will be simply explained to you.

Portfolio Allocation Video

You'll know how much to invest and what portion of your portfolio to invest.

Current Issue Sent On Signup

The second you signup you'll get this week's copy so you get started right away.

Winning Trade Picks

You get some really awesome trade ideas in these weekly reports (returns over 300%). Here's a look at some of their top picks:


This stock pick was recommended on June 12th, 2017 with a price of $125.

In February 2020 the price reached $427 for a 242% gain.


This stock pick was recommended on July 12th, 2017 with a price of $7.80.

In February 2020 the price reached $19.80 for a gain of 154%.


This stock pick was recommended on February 6th, 2019 with a price of $44.30.

In February 2020 the price reached $103.51 for a gain of 134%.


This stock pick was recommended on September 25th, 2018 with a price of $5.35.

In February 2020 the price reached $10.31 for a gain of 104%.


This stock pick was recommended on March 9th, 2019 with a price of $65.60.

In February 2020 the price reached $237 for a gain of 261%.


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This stock pick was recommended on September 12th, 2017 with a price of $1.67.

In February 2020 the price reached $6.89 for a gain of 313%.

This Is NOT A Get Rich Scheme

I've been reviewing various courses and training programs in many different niches for years.

In this time I've probably reviewed over 400 different programs.

You know what's true across all niches and all courses?

If fast and easy money is promised, it's a scam.

Right now there's TONS of stock courses and trading newsletters that promise big returns in a short amount of time.

They push extremely risky day trading strategies that will lose most people thousands of dollars. 

The picks you'll get in Insider Weekly are investments that payout in months and years.

This is the smart way to invest.

The majority of people that acquire wealth from the stock market pick stocks and hold them for a while.

That's the kind of picks you'll get here.

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