SMB Capital offers a lot of different training programs.. they claim they can help you become a professional trader.

I'm sure before investing in the hefty fees for their programs you want to know if they're a scam or not.

This review will help you determine if it is.

There's a lot to unpack here so make sure to read the whole thing.

Let's get into!

SMB Capital Summary

Creator: Mike Bellafiore and Steven Spencer

Price: Up to $25,000

Rating: 3/5

Do I recommend? Not really (too expensive)

Summary: SMB Capital may have high quality training/mentoring and the owners are well known but it's just too expensive.

Most of the programs cost thousands of dollars and you can spend upwards of $25,000!

I'd just save your money and use it to invest or find a cheaper alternative. 

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Who Created SMB Capital?

The creators of SMB Capital are Mike Bellafiore and Steven Spencer.

Mike is most famous for writing the book One Good Trade.

This book looks into the world proprietary trading and how firms trade capital. He has other books as well.

Before starting SMB Capital Mike graduated from UConn's School of Law.

Steven Spencer got his degree from the prestigious Wharton School of Business and law degree for Fordham.

Both of these two started SMB Capital in 2005.

They al so make regular appearances on financial shows like Fox Business, Bloomberg TV and more.

SMB Capital Youtube Channel

Before we get into the expensive training programs and mentoring options I want to talk about the SMB Capital Youtube channel real quick.

A lot of people recommend watching their videos because they give a lot of awesome free information away.

They typically upload a new a video a couple times a week and they range in topics and time.

For example, the latest upload is only 11 minutes long and goes over how to make more trading with a small account. 

They also have 40 minute long videos that cover different trading topics.

You'll even find multiple part series.

They have an options series that's over 8 parts long now.

Their channel is definitely worth checking out and subscribing to. 

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What Is SMB Capital?

SMB Capital is a proprietary trading firm in NYC.

They off many different programs that teach people how to trade.

Unlike many programs they give you the chance to trade in house and will provide capital if you're successful.

They also have various other training programs and offers.

Here's a look at all of them.

SMB Foundation ($9,900 To $25,000)

SMB Foundation is the premier training program at SMB Capital and as you can see from the price it's not cheap.

Obviously you need a lot of money to start and you need a lot of time because it's a very intensive program.

The reason the price is so different is one offer is remote and the other is in-house (meaning you trade at SMB Capital's NYC trading desk).

If you decide to do the remote training you get the following:

  • 90 days access to SMB Foundation
  • 90 days access to Stocks in Play
  • 90 days access to SMB Scanner
  • 90 days access to the SMB Radar 
  • 90 days access to SMB chat 
  • 90 access to video archive
  • 30 days access to demo account
  • Mentoring

The training is pretty robust in this program.

You get over 200 written lectures and you get classroom lectures from senior traders. 

Additionally, you get training videos, get to listen into SMB traders live every day and you get quizzes.

It's like a bootcamp for trading. 

If you decide to go for the more expensive in-house training you get the following:

  • 90 days access to SMB Foundations
  • 30 days on SMB Capitals' NYC trading desk
  • Train on an advanced trading simulator
  • Access to the traders at SMB Capital
  • You get to access daily mentoring meetings
  • 30 days of trading reviews

10 Day Training Program ($149)

The 10 day training program is a more typical online trading course.

It's spread out over 10 days and walks you through the process of developing your trading skills.

The 10 day breakdown is as follows:

  • Day 1 - You Are A Pro Trader
  • Day 2 - Mindset
  • Day 3 - Solutions To Your trading Frustrations
  • Day 4 - Developing Your Trading Rules
  • Day 5 - Reading The Tape
  • Day 6 - One Good Trade
  • Day 7 - The Playbook
  • Day 8 - Developing Your Trading Confidence
  • Day 9 - Trading Psychology
  • Day 10 - How Good Can You Be?

The SMB DNA Of Successful Trading ($5000)

This is another very expensive training program from SMB and is focused on developing your trading skills. 

It's broken down into 14 modules which includes:

  • Stock selection
  • Risk management
  • SMB Playbook
  • Trade review
  • Price action analysis
  • Trading psychology
  • Sizing

and more.

This is spread out over 5 weeks.

The Winning Trader ($6000)

The Winning Trader is an advanced trading course that teaches 20 different trading strategies.

Additionally, you get the following from this course:

  • Daily mentoring sessions
  • Access to special guest lectures
  • Access to a bunch of trading tools for 90 days
  • 10 day equity training program

Reading The Tape ($4000)

Reading The Tape is the next program that costs several thousands of dollars.

Here you'll get video of real trades along with commentary on the trades.

Also, you get:

  • Live group mentoring
  • Lecture transcripts
  • Trading guides
  • Feedback on trades

And more. 

Options Tribe ($30 Per Month)

SMB Capital also has a program dedicated to option trading.

This comes with weekly webinars and archives.

SMBU Premium ($27 Per Month)

This is a a program that gives you access to webinars and recordings on various aspects of trading.

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Who Is SMB Capital For?

This is definitely not a program that a lot of people should look into.

Only consider if you meet the following criteria:

Have A Good Amount Of Capital To Trade

A lot of trading strategies taught are day trading strategies.

You can only day trade if you have $25,000 in your trading account and will need at least $30,000 so you don't go under.

If you don't have that to trade then you won't really benefit from most of the training.

Have Thousands For Training

Most of the training programs here cost thousands of dollars and can go as high as $25,000!

That's A LOT of money to learn how to trade and it's less money you yourself will have to trade with.

There's less expensive programs but that's not the point of SMB Capital.

The point is to get you to buy the expensive stuff.

So don't bother if you don't have thousands and thousands to invest in education.

Must Be An Extremely Serious Trader

These training aren't for people with full time jobs and won't dedicate hours a day to learning and trading.

These are serious programs and some even have you trading in the office for 30 days.

I don't think it'll be easy to balance these programs and work.

So you should want to do this full time if you're interested.

SMB Capital Customer Reviews And Complaints

The reviews for SMB Capital are pretty mixed.

Here's a taste of what others are saying.

Most People Think It's WAY Too Expensive

When people hear the price of the biggest offer they're usually dismayed that someone would pay that much for training.

At the end of the day online trading isn't easy and a lot of people fail.. there's certainly a learning curve.

The more you pay for training the more you start in the hole.

A lot of people recommended just using $25,000 to learn how to trade on your own and learn from your losses:

People Like The Youtube Channel

One thing that's universally loved about SMB Capital is their Youtube channel.

They give away a lot of free information there and regularly upload.

Many people recommend not paying for the training and to just of through their videos on Youtube to learn.

Respect For Owners

There's a good amount of people that believe SMB Training is a cash grab and overpriced.

But people still generally respect the founders.

They're well known and have contributed a lot to the trading world:

The Price Is Just Too High

Do I really even have to state this?

Instinctively I think you know that $25,000 to learn how to trade is just too high.

Especially when you consider you only get access to the features for 30 days to 90 days.   

Like some comments highlighted in the last section you can just spend $25,000 on trading.

You can buy some books for under $100 and just learn that way and through trial and error.

SMB Capital Pros And Cons

  • Well known creators: The people behind SMB Capital are known for their expertise and have created best selling trading books. 
  • Hands on training: Nothing beats hands on training and 1 on 1 mentoring. It's expensive at SMB Capital but there's the option to have that.
  • Too expensive: This is an obvious negative with SMB Capital. Most people can't afford and it's probably too expensive for the people that can.
  • Daytrading: Daytrading is the riskiest trading method and there's a biggest focus on it in the training. 
  • Cheaper alternatives: You may not be able to replicate mentoring but you can for the training.. and for a lot less.

Final Thoughts On SMB Capital

I'm sure if you went through all the trainings SMB Capital offered your odds of being a successful trader would increase a lot.

But do you have $25,000 to spend on training? Do you have $9000 or $6000 or $5000?

Do you have the time to go through their rigorous training programs? 

For most people the answer will be no.

Even if you can afford I probably wouldn't recommend you do it.

The only people this can possible work for is if you're looking to trade as a full time career.

If that's the case these programs can be valuable if you're willing to pay the exorbitant fees.

Here's A Better Option

I'd probably pass on SMB Capital.

There's just so many different options to learn how to trade that are much, much more affordable.

I've reviewed all the best places that teach how to get high return stock ideas.

To learn more about my favorite (which is very affordable), click below:

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Dylan is an expert in investing and passive income. He's from NY and works independently. He created Top Trading Reviews to help investors avoid trading scams.

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