Traders Agency has various products and services for sale.

Some of them are pretty pricey, though..

It's natural to be skeptical of online products that costs thousands.

I bet before shelling over your hard earned cash you want to know if it's a scam or not.

Luckily this review will answer that.

There's a lot to unpack here.. you'll see how much the products cost, whether the owner Joshua Martinez is legit and what you actually get.

So buckle up and set aside some time to read everything.

Let's get into it!

Traders Agency Summary

Creator: Joshua Martinez, Ross Givens and Tim Melvin

Price: $197 to $6995

Rating: 1.5/5

Do I recommend? No.

Summary: Everyone should avoid Traders Agency.

They have slick marketing but the products are way too overpriced.

Additionally, the owner, Joshua Martinez, comes from a long line of scammers in the trading industry.

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Is Joshua Martinez A Scam Artist?

Joshua Martinez is the creator of Traders Agency and there's not a ton of information out there about him.

But there are some things I found that are very, very concerning..

Joshua Comes From A Family Of HUGE Scammers

On Joshua's Linkedin it says he was Director of Client Success at Market Traders Institute in the past.

Market Traders Institute is a poorly reviewed trading community run by the Martinez family.

I'm not exactly sure how Joshua Martinez is related to the Martinez family but I'm almost 100% certain he's the son of one of the masterminds.

Look at the photo below and you'll see Joshua is probably the son of Jacob Martinez (CEO of Market Traders Institute):

The founder of Market Traders Institute (Jared Martinez) is the father of Jacob (man on the right).

The Martinez family were caught up into a very serious investigation into a ponzi scheme that scammed hundreds of millions from Jamaicans. 

It was called Onlit.

The scheme was run by a Jamaican man named David Smith who was eventually sentenced to 30 years for his role in the scheme.

The Martinez family was very close to David Smith and Jared (patriarch of the Martinez family) was David's mentor. 

Jared ran the brokerage that laundered all the fraudulent money. 

Here's an article from Bloomberg that describes Jared Martinez and David's close relationship.

Here's a video of Jared calling David the "Moses of Jamaicans." 

Basically Jared and his sons were the masterminds of the entire scheme.. David had never heard of forex before meeting Jared. 

Most people believe David was just a pawn and the fall guy. 

The Martinez family was never charged with anything related to the ponzi scheme because of the statue of limitations of 5 years.

Had the Martinez family been prosecuted their sentence would have likely been more severe than David's. 

Joshua Doesn't Mention His Family Connections

When you go to the "about" section of Traders Agency you see a little bio about Joshua.

Nowhere in the bio does he mention who his family is or anything like that.

Instead he makes it seem like he's just a normal guy who invested $500 into the market and was able to turn it into $39,000:

Definitely a little strange he would leave out who his father and grandfather is.

I guess looking like a common man sells a little better.

Ross Givens And Tim Melvin

Ross Givens And Tim Melvin are the other main guys at Traders Agency.

Ross Givens is known for selling trading products that people seem to think are a little scammy.

In one instance Ross claims he has inside secrets (not insider trading) that can help you get massive returns.

You just need to spend thousands on his newsletter called Insider Report.

Same with Tim Melvin.

He markets very expensive newsletters with promises of riches.

Making More Selling Products Vs. Trading?

There's a big problem in the trading.

A lot of people make more money selling products about trading than they do actually trading!

I don't have access to all the trades that Martinez, Givens and Melvin have made but I know they're making serious money selling products.

All of these guys have intricate marketing funnels and products that sell for several thousands of dollars.

Martinez runs a Youtube channel that generates ad revenue as well.

Where do these guys find the time to trade professionally AND run their businesses?

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What Is Traders Agency?

Traders Agency is a community where you can buy different training programs.

Here's what Traders Agency exactly is:

Focuses On Futures

Traders Agency really focuses on trading futures.

Futures is when you trade commodities and predict the price of the commodity in the future.

You create a contract with a set price and quantity.

Unlike options you are obligated to buy once the contract expires.

A common future's commodity is oil.

With oil you would speculate on the price it will be in the future, create a contract at that price with the amount you're speculating and buy when the date of the contract expires. 

Youtube Channel Is More Broad

All the products at Traders Agency have to do with futures but the Youtube channel is much more broad on the topics covered. 

In Joshua's own words the channel will cover anything where you put money in and get money back.

This can include stocks, options, futures, forex, metals, crypto, etc.

The videos on this channel are well produced and pretty brisk (Joshua is a talented marketer).

There's a new video every week or so and they're informational in nature.

You won't see videos bragging about how much Joshua makes or showing off his wealth.

This is a good thing.

There's A Free Newsletter

There's a free newsletter you can sign up for and it's called Beyond The Trade.

In each newsletter a new topic is covered and it's similar stuff you'll find on the Yotube channel.

The reason Joshua gives out a free newsletter is to convert people into paying customers, though.

While there's some value in the emails, keep in mind Joshua is a sophisticated marketer who comes from a well known marketing family.

He's going to try and sell you on the more expensive programs.

There's An Active Blog

There's two different blog areas on the Traders Agency website. 

One section is called Trading Ideas and the other is called Trading Picks.

Trading Ideas is technical analysis of different futures trade opportunities:

Trading picks is a little different.

There you'll get trade ideas that span all types of trading opportunities.

These are picks that Joshua thinks are going to make you money.

However, this is more of a funnel towards a stock picking service he sells.

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Traders Agency Premium Products Overview

Traders Agency also sells a bunch of premium products that range in price.

Here's a look at each one:

Weekly War Room ($197 Per Year)

This is the least expensive product sold at Traders Agency. 

The Weekly War Room is a trading room that offers the following:

  • 2 live trading sessions per month
  • A brief summary of all trades made in these sessions
  • Trade ideas that might be profitable
  • An archive of previous trading sessions

Tunnel Trader ($3,495 Per Year)

Tunnel Trader is where the price sky rockets and will cost a hefty $3,495 PER YEAR.

You honestly don't get that much either it's just a a training course that focuses on the futures market.

Here's what makes up the entire offer:

  • 12 months access to the 10 videos that make up the course
  • On going live classes and previous recordings
  • Joshua's futures trading strategy.

Destination Trader ($3,495 Per Year)

Destination Trader is basically the same thing as Tunnel Trader.

It's just a training course on a futures strategy.

Additionally, you get live training and recordings of the trainings.

Like Tunnel Trader the cost is $3,495 PER YEAR.

The Futures Edge ($6,995 Per Year)

This is the most expensive product offered at Traders Agency and is another one that comes with a yearly price.

Like the previous products it focuses on the futures market.

Here you get the following:

  • 11 training modules and unlimited access to Futures Edge
  • Trade tracking tool
  • Weekly live trade sessions

Josh's Top Five ($1,495)

The last premium product Josh offers is Josh's Top Five.

This is the product that Joshua is trying to sell you in the free trades pick section.

You have to sit through a webinar before you can buy this product.

In the webinar Josh claims he's figured out a way to know stock prices a week before they happen.

He claims this new strategy has a 90% win rate in back testing.

You get the following with this product:

  • Weekly trade ideas
  • 10k Challenge to motivate you to profit $10,000 in less than 90 days
  • Weekly email with 5 stocks Josh is following
  • Video version of the 5 stocks Josh is following
  • Exit and entry alerts

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Who Is Traders Agency For?

There's definitely some people that should avoid Traders Agency.

If you don't meet the following criteria I would probably avoid.

Minimum $10,000 To Invest With

Online trading doesn't have a high success rate and most traders lose money.

Investing and training and being a part of a community will increase your odds..


Every dollar spent on training and community is another dollar you're in the red.

The products at Traders Agency are very, very expensive.

What makes it worst is they are YEARLY subscriptions.

If you trade and profit $5,000 for the year but are a member of Futures Edge you actually lost $2,000 because it costs nearly $7,000 per year.

The only way you can profit more than the trading cost is if you're investing a lot.

With a good win rate you should still profit if you're investing a minimum of $10,000.

Must Be Ok With Risk

A lot of the trades here are going to be made quickly and you'll be making several trades a week.

Sometimes you may hold onto a futures contract for a long period of time but in other cases you'll be making trades in a short period of time.

You will not be holding a stock for years and letting them mature.

This is more risky but you do get returns much faster.

So if you can't stomach losing trades this isn't for you. You will have to plow through the losers. 

Want To Trade Commodities

There's some aspects of Traders Agency that doesn't focus on commodities and futures.

The blog and Youtube channel offer insights into stocks, forex, options, etc.

However, almost all the premium is dedicated to futures trading.

You must have a desire to trade commodities and things like oil.

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Don't Trust Testimonials Or Performance Claims

Like I said before..

Joshua is an excellent marketer and he comes from a family of world class marketers.

They're known scammers and Market Traders Institute (where Joshua worked with the rest of his family) is one of the worst reviewed trading platforms I have ever seen.

The company has an average rating of 1.4/5 by the BBB.

A sales rep for company explained how Market Traders Institute would run several trading accounts and only show accounts that were winning.

The second the account would start losing they'd introduce a new account that was winning. 

Market Traders Institute may be so badly reviewed that the family created Traders Agency and put Joshua as the face of it.

Don't be surprised if all the dirty tricks at Market Traders Institute are being used at Traders Agency.

Don't be surprised if the more elder Martinez's are the ones actually running the show. 

Traders Agency Price And Refund Policy

The price for some of the products at Traders Agency is pretty shocking.

Here's my thoughts on the cost of these programs:

They're Way Overpriced

This is one should be pretty obvious.

Two of the products only offer 10 training videos but cost thousands a year.

And to top it off YOU DON'T EVEN GET UNLIMITED ACCESS to some of the training.

If you're paying thousands of dollars you should have the training for your entire life.

The Yearly Pricing Makes It Even Worst

It's one thing to have a product that costs thousands and you never need to pay for it again.

But you're paying for all of these products year after year after year.

These costs seriously add up and makes becoming a profitable trader even less likely.

Personally, I don't see the justification for yearly costs either.

Just so you can access some live trainings? 


It's one thing to have a super expensive product and give people an option to get a refund.

It's another to offer super expensive products and have a strict no refunds agreement.

Unfortunately, that's the case at Traders Agency and the following is in the terms and conditions:

This just makes the prices and risk so much worst. 

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Traders Agency Pros And Cons

  • Good production value: The videos shot at Traders Agency are well made and well edited. 
  • Family are known scammers: Josh's family are notorious scammers.. running multi-hundred million dollar scams. Joshua spent many years working directly with his family.
  • Way too expensive: You should never pay thousands for training unless it's world class and comes with amazing features. You're not getting that here. 
  • Yearly costs: The price gets worst when you realize the cost is YEARLY. I personally don't see how these programs could be yearly. 
  • No refunds: The excuse given for not having a refund policy is bull crap. You should always offer a refund policy and this is especially true if the products cost thousands. 

Final Thoughts About Traders Agency

At face value Traders Agency just seems like another overhyped platform that sells overpriced products.

Don't get me wrong it's exactly that.

But in some ways it's a little worst than other offers I've come across.

Joshua worked at a place that's reputation is one of the worst I have ever seen.

His grandfather, his father and his uncles are some of the biggest scammers in the country.

They just barely missed being prosecuted and spending decades in prison.

That's exactly what happened to the pawn that took the fall for them.  

Joshua no longer works at Market Traders Institute but I'm not sure he actually left the family business.

Traders Agency is doing all the same things Market Traders Institute does.

If Joshua has no connection with his family business it's not because he has any moral issues with what they're doing.

He's doing the same stuff. 

Save yourself thousands of dollars and just skip over anything Traders Agency is selling, anything Joshua is selling and anything the rest of his family is selling. 

Here's A Better Opportunity

I'd pass on Traders Agency.. the products are too expensive and I wouldn't trust Joshua.

The good news is there's a lot of quality places to get good stock ideas.

I've reviewed all the best ones.

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