WBTrading is a day trading community and training platform.

It's not cheap to join.

I'm sure before you spend money on it you want to know if it's a scam or not.

You'll get an answer to that question in this review.

There's a lot to know about WBTrading including price, what you actually get, customer insights and more.

Let's get started!

WBTrading Summary

Creator: William Brown

Price: $1545 (Pounds)

Rating: 3/5

Do I recommend? Not really.

Summary: WBTrading is a decent place if you want to learn some day trading strategies.

The marketing hypes it up a little too much but the ideas behind the training are legit.

However, it's very expensive and the refund policy is loaded with a bunch of terms. 

There's better ways to learn.

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Who Runs WBTrading?

The creator of WBTrading is William Brown and he's from Northern England.

William got his start after watching a documentary about a self made millionaire trader.

There's really not too much out there about William that comes from third party sources.

There's some articles on Yahoo and IBTimes

These aren't real news stories, though, and are instead PR pieces that William paid for.

The PR firm William uses is called Newsfile.

This is a common thing for people to do and you do this so when people search you on Google these articles show up.

It makes it seem like William is more legitimate. 

But you shouldn't trust these articles for accurate information. It's not fact checked or anything like that.

Is WBTrading Active On Social Media?

WBTrading has a few different social media accounts but isn't really active on any of them except Youtube.

Their Twitter account hasn't Tweeted anything since June and their Instagram account is even less active. 

The Youtube channel has some good information and there seems to be a new video every week.

Some of the videos are just testimonials and reviews, though.

Many traders who sell courses use Youtube as a free lead magnet. 

It's important to keep that in mind if you're going to subscribe to WBTrading's Youtube channel.. they're trying to get you to buy their membership.

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WBTrading Overview

WBTrading is a community for mechanical and rule based trading.

Mechanical trading looks to remove emotion and other outside influences from your trading.

You only do a trade when certain parameters are met.

This might be a set amount you invest into a 401k or only buying a stock when it reaches a certain price.

Mechanical trading's main advantage is you don't have to be as active to make trades.

You just set parameters on a certain stock and if it hits them the trade happens automatically.

You don't need to be starting at the screen all day debating on whether to buy or sell.

This makes it a more viable strategy for people that are working or don't have a lot of free time in the day.

WBTrading helps you trade with "set and forget it" trading strategies.

If you join their community you get training on 4 different strategies as well as 18 hours of video content.

These strategies are all different rules you can use to make trades. 

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WBTrading Customer Complaints And Reviews

Customer reviews are mixed about WBTrading.

One thing to note is there's definitely some review rigging going on here.

A lot of companies will incentivize customers to leave positive reviews on the internet.

I've reviewed HUNDREDS of online courses. I can spot when there's fake reviews.

Because of this it's hard to tell which positive reviews are real and which are fake. 

Here's a look at customer reviews that I believe are real:

Most People Think It's Too Expensive

There's a lot of resources out there to learn how to trade.. many are free and there's books that don't cost to much.

Additionally, there's alternative communities that are pretty affordable to join.

Most people believe WBTrading is overpriced. 

Here's a review that expresses this opinion:

WBTrading Offers Good Support

A lot of customers like the support that you get.

Basically whenever you have a question you'll be able to find an answer.

Additionally, you get two coaching calls a week and you can ask one of the coaches at WBTrading directly about anything. 

Overhyped Marketing

I come from a marketing background and have been involved with internet marketing for years now.

There's things I notice that most people won't.

For instance, like the "news articles" in Yahoo that's actually paid PR.

But many customers felt the marketing is too much and overhype what you're learning.

Others felt mislead about what you actually get and feel ripped off:

Who Is WBTrading For?

There's definitely some people that WBtrading is a better fit for.

Here's who I think this community is for.

People That Are Busy

A lot of strategies in WBTrading are geared towards day traders and swing traders.

Usually these are trading strategies that are horrible for people that are busy.

However, you'll be learning mechanical trading here which is very automated.

You'll be able to set your parameters and walk away.

Not The Best For Americans

I'm not even talking about the time difference between England and America.

The main problem here is the difference in laws regulating day trading in the UK and America.

In the UK there's no minimum needed to day trade.

This isn't true in America. You need $25,000 minimum to make more than 3 trades a week in America.

So if you live in America or any other country with strict day trading laws this course may not be the best.

Not Emotional

There's a lot of ways to trade.

Some people dive deep into companies revenue and debt.. others trade based on the news and geopoltiical events.

The trading style here is purely number based.

You won't be trading because you like a company or like their CEO.

You only execute if certain rules are met.

If you're someone who makes gut decisions this isn't for you.

Willing To Make Trades Everyday

This isn't for someone that wants to buy a stock and let it mature for a few years.

You're going to be trading everyday and in some instances making multiple trades a day.

This includes buy and selling a stock in less then a few hours.

Timing is important here.

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WBTrading Cost And Refund Policy

WBTrading is too expensive for most people and I wouldn't recommend spending so much money on training.

Every dollar you spend on training is a dollar that you start in the red.

So if you're spending $3000+ on WBTrading you're already down $3000+.

There's many alternative courses and books that are much less expensive and just as good.

The money you save can be used to invest and practice.

I'm not a fan of the refund policy either.

The reason I don't like it is it's action based.

You need to complete the course, trade for 6 months and keep track of everything.

If you're not profitable then you can get your money back.

A 30 day no questions asked guarantee would be much better.

If someone buys the course and immediately realizes it's not for them you're going to make them jump through all these hoops? 

It would be easier to just give them their money back.

WBTrading Pros And Cons

  • Sound strategies: These strategies may not be secret like William makes them out to be but they are legit. These are strategies people are using to make money. 
  • Good support: If you have a question you should be able to get an answer through one of the coaches. 
  • Too expensive: There's so many free and affordable resources that teach trading. There's no need to pay thousands to learn it here. 
  • Bad refund policy: It's stupid to make someone trade 6 months to get their money back. If they know this isn't for them just give them their money back. 
  • Not a fan of day trading: A lot of what you learn here is day trading. The success rate for day trading is about 5%..

Final WBTrading Thoughts

There's so many places that are selling courses and programs for day trading and trading in general.

It's a very lucrative business and people are making millions doing it.

In a lot of cases people are making more selling courses than they are actually trading.

It's an entire industry.

WBTrading seems to be one of those programs.

The marketing is a lot like other programs.

It starts with a free webinar where you're pitched on joining the program.. there's an interview process because it's so expensive they want you to talk to a sales rep.

There's ads everywhere and you're bombarded with promotional emails.

At the end of the day there's nothing special about the training.

These are strategies taught elsewhere and you can find better ones if you look.

Here's A Better Opportunity

I'd probably pass on WBTrading.

It's just too expensive and there's a lot of alternatives out there.

I've reviewed all the best places to get good stock ideas.

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