Behind The Market is a stock service from Dylan Jovine.

If you're here you must be a little skeptical if it delvers or if it's a scam.

That's completely understandable.

This review will answer all questions you have about Behind The Market.

You'll know exactly what you get and how much it will cost you by the time you're done.

Let's jump into it!

Behind The Market Summary

Creator: Dylan Jovine

Price: $79 + upsells

Rating: 3/5

Do I recommend? It depends

Summary: There's some things to like about Behind The Markets and things not like. The newsletter is affordable and I like the trading strategy.

However, some customers weren't happy with the support you get and this only the first step in a larger sales funnel.

You'll be pitched to invest in much more expensive products after you buy.

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Dylan Jovine Legit?

Dylan Jovine is the creator of Behind The Markets and he's been around for a long time.

Almost all stock scams I see are from young people that started trading a couple years ago.

Jovine got his start in 1991.. that's 30 years of experience.

Dylan pretty much has been successful for his entire career. 

In 1996 he was one of the youngest people to start a brokerage and investment bank called Lexington Capital Partners (He was only 24 at the time).

He later sold this company in 2000.

Jovine became a household name when he created Tycoon Report.

In 2006 he started warning people about the stock market.

After the crash he predicted he was very bullish about the stock market.

So Dylan has a long career of begin right about big events in the trading world. 

Behind The Markets Trading Philosophy

Behind The Market is a stock service that provides educational materials and trade ideas.

The strategy is pretty simple - buy low and sell high.

It may sound cliché but it's tried and true and Jovine has made a lot of money sticking to it.

Essentially Behind The Markets look for midcap companies with capitalizations between $1 billion and $10 billion that are discounted.

Some other factors considered with a stock is their returns, debt and competitive advantage.

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What Do You Get With Behind The Markets?

There's a few different offers and products at Behind The Markets.

Here's a breakdown of each:

Behind The Markets Newsletter

This is the flagship product and essentially the first step in the sales funnel.

You get the following with this newsletter:

  • Access to current portfolio
  • Education materials (you'll learn the strategy behind the trades)
  • Portfolio updates
  • Updates and news about stocks in portfolio
  • Access to members website (you can find alerts and past issues here)

Biotech Insider

Biotech Insider researches different companies than Behind The Markets.

This product focuses on small biotech companies (companies that research drugs and pharmaceuticals).

The strategy here is to find small to mid cap companies that are in phase two and phase three of medical studies.. also that are near the end of a clinical trial.

When a drug gets FDA approval they can make literally billions from it. So if you hit on one of these stocks you'll make a lot of money.

Takeover Targets

Takeover Targets is a unique trading strategy that takes advantage of merger arbitrage

Merger arbitrage is when you target companies that are involved in mergers.

You buy the stock at a discount of what the price will be post-merger.

The goal here is to earn 10% to 20% on the trades. 

Breakthrough Wealth

Breakthrough Wealth's trading strategy is a little more risky than the previous products.

Here you'll be targeting what are known as microcap companies (small publicly traded companies).

The goal here is to find companies with market capitalizations between $100 million to $1 billion. 

Additionally these companies must have 20% revenue growth per year, are actually making money and offer a unique product.

Hidden Markets Profits

This is another risky trading strategy.

The goal is to find investment opportunities in in private companies.

Because of this it's not recommended to invest more than $2000 in any of the picks.

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Who Is Behind The Markets For?

Behind The Markets is for patient traders and investors.

A lot of people are turning to day trading because they want to make money fast (and often times just end up losing money).

Behind The Markets isn't for anyone chasing the rush of gambling.

These are well thought out trade ideas and take time to materialize.

You might have to wait years before it's time to close a trade.

But this is a good way to do it.

You should have a decent amount to trade as well.

You can start with a few hundred but you'll get small returns if that's the case.

I think an ideal number to have is $10,000 minimum. 

Behind The Markets Customers Complaints

Reviews from customers are pretty mixed for Behind The Markets. 

On Stock Gumshoe over 60 people reviewed this course and it's average rating is a 3.4/5.

A common complaint I found had to do with the upsells.

I mentioned a few times already that the Behind The Markets newsletter is just the first step in a larger sales funnel.

That's why the price is so cheap.

People likely aren't going to spend thousands of dollars on a product UNLESS they've already bought a product from you already.

This is common knowledge to marketers.

The idea is to offer something cheap and then market more expensive products to them down the road.

For example. Takeover Targets is one of the more expensive products Dylan offers and costs $1997 for a lifetime subscription.

This is the product Dylan really wants you to buy.

So keep in mind that you are going to be in a sales funnel and to not buy the more expensive products unless you see results from the cheaper newsletter.

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Behind The Markets Price And Refund Policy

Behind The Markets is reasonably priced at $79.

You get a good amount of trading ideas for that price and overall this is a good value.

Like I said there's expensive upsells but you can definitely make smart trades with this newsletter alone.

There's a good refund policy as well and you get 30 days to get your money back.

I did read from different customers that customer service wasn't good and they struggled to get their money back.

Behind The Markets Pros And Cons

  • Reasonably priced: There's a lot of expensive stock newsletters out there.. some cost thousands. Behind The Markets is affordable, though and only costs $79.
  • Good trading strategy: Buy low, sell high. It might sound simple but it works. That's the strategy here (along with great research).
  • Good refund policy: 30 days is enough to determine if you like the service or not.
  • Costly upsells: While Behind The Markets newsletter is affordable the upsells are not. They will cost you thousands. 

Final Thoughts About Behind The Markets

Behind The Markets is definitely a legitimate service and you can make money with their trade ideas.

I like that it's affordable and Dylan is a legitimate trader.

He's been in the game a long time and has accurately predicted big stock events.

That's someone you want to get your stock picks from.

The only major downside is you're going to be marketed much more expensive products the second you buy.

Ignore them until you make money from Behind The Markets.

After you've made some money then decide if you want to spend more. 

Here's A Better Opportunity

Behind The Markets is a decent newsletter but there's better out there.

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About the Author

Dylan is an expert in investing and passive income. He's from NY and works independently. He created Top Trading Reviews to help investors avoid trading scams.

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