Chart Champions is a crypto day trading program from Daniel Jordan.

There's some pros and cons - I'll go through this entire opportunity in this review.

Below you'll get a good idea if Chart Champions is right for you.

You'll know if it's worth paying for or if it's a scam.

Let's dive into it!

Chart Champions Summary

Creator: Daniel Jordan

Price: $97 to $197 per month

Rating: 2.5/5

Do I recommend? Not really

Summary: Chart Champions is a crypto day trading program. One thing I like is there's a very active community - you'll definitely have plenty of people to bounce trade ideas off of.

However, many people claim the Daniel has changed since launching the community and quality has dropped as a result.

I personally would avoid because I'm not a fan of day trading. 

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Is Daniel Jordan A Scam Artist?

There's not a ton of information about Daniel Jordan (creator of Chart Champions).

Like many online crypto personalities he's a young guy - he's 27 and is from the United Kingdom.

Besides running the Chart Champions membership he has a fairly popular Youtube channel.

This channel has over 60k subscribers. 

Daniel claims to trade just about everything from forex to commodities to stocks but it's clear his focus is on crypto.

Almost every video on his Youtube channel is about Bitcoin or some other crypto:

You never really know how much to trust guys like Daniel.

I've seen many people like him turn out to be complete frauds. I'm not saying that's happening here but it's a possibility.

Especially when you consider how much he's making from Chart Champion memberships.

He's likely making more than enough there that he'd never have to trade again.

What Is Chart Champions?

Chart Champions is a day trading community for crypto traders. 

It's important to note you WON'T be getting stock picks here.

This is an education and technical analysis community. Basically you'll be taught how to trade and pick cryptos yourself.

In the Discord you can ask people about trades and things like that.. but Chart Champions won't be giving you trade ideas.

Furthermore, I personally am not a big fan of day trading.

The one benefit day trading crypto has over day trading stocks is there's no laws dictating how much you need to trade.

If you day trade stocks you need an account with a minimum of $25,000 in it.

However, day trading is so hard to succeed with almost everyone that tries loses money.

Most studies show 90% of day traders lose money.

There's other trading strategies with much higher success rates.

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What Do You Get With Chart Champions?

Chart Champions has a few different membership options that range from free to $197 per month.

Let's take a look at each:

Spectator (Free)

The spectator is free to get started with.

With this account you'll get access to market updates, be able to join the community and get some training modules.

Contender ($97 Per Month)

The second membership offer will cost you $97 per month.

You get everything in the free section as well as the following:

  • Access to Elite Vault
  • Skill Sharpener Chart of The Week
  • Bonus Videos
  • Complete training program

Basically you get more training here and you'll get additional support for technical analysis.

Further you'll be able to practice your setups and you'll get cheat sheets to help you trade. 

Champion ($197 Per Month)

The last plan is the most expensive and will cost you $197 per month.

You get everything from the contender membership plus the following:

  • Live Streams Every Week
  • Trading Plan Every Week
  • Inner Circle Community 
  • Ability to DM Coaches

The best part of this is you get access to a private community.

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Discord Community

The Discord community is a big part of the Chart Champions membership.. each membership level has a different Discord channel.

There's a pretty big difference between the channels.

For example, the free community has the most people in it but a lot of the members aren't high quality.

Many are beginners looking for the absolute basics on how to trade and some won't be taking it seriously.

The Contender Discord is higher quality and it's for people that want to learn the basics of day trading.

If you've never traded before this is where you'll want to be.

The Champions tier is for people that already are trading and know how to read charts. 

This community is more advanced. 

What Community Members Like

If you go over to Trust Pilot you can see a bunch of user reviews of Chart Champions.

HOWEVER, you can game Trust Pilot so you should only trust opinions from people who have multiple reviews and have reviewed other companies.

If a person only has one review and it reads like a press release for Chart Champions I'd disregard it as fake.

Here's an example of a review that I found trustworthy:

Jacky has several reviews and reviews other products outside the crypto world.

Another review that's most likely legitimate is from Paul Hayes:

Paul's review is reliable because he has reviewed other companies negatively.

What customers seem to like the most is the team and friendly atmosphere inside Chart Champions.

Another thing people like is the education.

Several people pointed out that they couldn't find this level of education and technical analysis anywhere else.

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What Community Members DON'T Like

There are several complaints as well.

One thing I saw over and over and over is people just didn't like Daniel personally.

Many people thought he was arrogant and not trustworthy.

Other long term members felt Daniel had changed over the years and is too cocky now.

Here's an example:

Here's another person claiming Daniel is toxic:

Additionally, one comment Chart Champions responded to.

The comment criticized the Discord community and the Chart Champions responded with this:

This response from Chart Champions makes it seem like criticizing the Discord is out of bounds.

I completely disagree with this.

The Discord is one of the most important aspects of Chart Champions.

If the Discord community isn't run well it should influence whether you buy the membership or not.

Is It Worth Buying Chart Champions?

It honestly depends what kind of trader you are and how committed you are.

Here's the deal:

Most people fail with day trading.

Even in Chart Champion's Terms Of Service they admit 95% of people will lose money:

Because of this I don't recommend people get started with day trading. I would recommend picking well researched stocks or cryptos and holding them.. then selling them when the time is right.

BUT some people will still want to day trade despite the low success rate.

Chart Champions can help you be successful because the education is solid but you really need to commit.

The top membership will cost you $2364 for the year. 

That eats into your profits.

If you only have $1000 to trade don't bother with Chart Champions. 

I'd only get involved if you have $20,000 or more to trade.

Anything less it's going to be hard to profit more than the membership costs.

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There Are No Refunds 😥

This is not a good sign.

In the terms you'll see there's an explicit no refund policy:

Most legitimate services will offer some sort of refund (usually 30 days).

What's weird is Chart Champions responded to a negative review claiming they've given refunds before.

So there's definitely mixed messages being sent out.

This is what happens when a young person runs a service like this.. you have to expect some immaturity. 

Chart Champions Pros And Cons

  • Good education: The technical analysis and education is very good here. Even people who didn't like Chart Champions agreed to with this.
  • Busy community: With something like day trading you want to be in a community. The Discord community is very active. 
  • Free option: I like that you can test out the community for free.
  • No refunds: You always want to see a refund with a product like this. Not having one is a red flag.
  • Day trading is hard: The success rate for day traders is about 5%. This is just people that make ANY money. It's the worst way to trade.
  • Pretty expensive: $197 per month adds up over time and eats into your profits. You're basically starting over $2000 in the hole if you sign up for Chart Champions.

Final Thoughts On Chart Champions

The crypto world has a lot of scams.. the day trading crypto world? 10 times more.

However, I don't think Chart Champions is a scam.

So kudos to them for building a legitimate trading and education community.

However, I just can't recommend you get getting involved in day trading.

It's so much work and the success rate is just too low.

Research cryptos you actually believe in and that have actual value.

Buy them and them hold them.

Don't day trade.

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