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Trading With Rayner Summary

Creator: Rayner Teo

Price: $49 per month to $99 per month

Rating: 3/5

Do I recommend? It depends.

Summary: People either seem to love Rayner or think he's a complete scam artist.

I personally am right in the middle in terms of how I feel about Rayner.

He does do things that may seem a little unethical but he's not nearly as bad as his worst critics make him out to be.

I just personally don't like day trading which is what he recommends. 

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Is Rayner Teo A Scam Artist?

Trading With Rayner is run by a guy named Rayner Teo.

There's a lot of opinions out there about him. Some people believe he's a straight up scammer and others think he's very helpful.

For example, one review from a place I trust claims he's a snake oil salesman and the reviewer doesn't believes Rayner even trades.

This review is particularly tough on Rayner's marketing style.

Rayner put out a pretty convincing response to this review:

Rayner shows that he has a live trading account and that he back tests his trades to 2000.

I get why people could be skeptical of the Trading With Rayner brand because of the marketing language he uses.

The negative review I pointed to is highly critical of Rayner using the word "secrets" when describing his strategies.

But that's just how marketing works.

You need to have eye catching headlines to get people interested. I've been in the marketing world for a while and this is just common knowledge.

So while Rayner may not actually be giving out "secrets" I don't think that makes him a scammer.

Additionally, I like that he gives away a lot of free information. 

If you go to his website there's plenty of beginner guides and stuff like that.

The biggest red flag that saw is someone accused him of manipulating online reviews about his courses.

I'll address this later when I go over customer complaints.

Trading With Rayner Youtube Channel

A lot of people seem to focus in on Rayner's Youtube channel as a reason he's a scammer.

They look at his views and come to a conclusion that he makes all of his money from Youtube ad revenue and funnels viewers to his offers.

Now I'm sure he's making serious money form his Youtube channel.

Trading is a very profitable niche on Youtube and he gets millions and millions of views.

There's some people out there that do in fact just make money off Youtube ad revenue and don't actually do what they're teaching.

But again I think people are confusing marketing with scamming.

If you're going to sell products online you need customers.. creating content on Youtube is a FREE way to get customers.

You'd have to be crazy not to take advantage of that.. especially in the trading world.

Overall, I think there's a lot of value in the Youtube channel and it's clear Rayner puts a lot of effort into it. 

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Trading With Rayner Academy

Rayner offers a lot of different courses and books in his academy.

Some are paid and some are free.

Here's a quick breakdown of each one:

Pullback Stock Trading System ($9.90)

Pullback trading is a technical day trading system and this book will teach you how to do it. 

The claim is that it's free but you have to pay $9.90 for shipping if you're in the US and $12 if you're outside the US.

Besides the book you also get a PDF version of the book, stock positioning calculator and a bonus module on how to trade during recessions. 

Price Action Trading Secrets ($19.90)

This is another book and covers price action trading.

Price action trading is a day trading strategy where you make trades based of price movement and not indicators from technical analysis.

This book is broken up into 4 parts which includes:

  • Natural Laws Of Trading
  • Market Behavior Secrets
  • Risk And Trade Management Cheatsheet
  • Price Action Strategies That Work
  • Advanced Trading Techniques

Additionally, you'll receive the PDF version of Price Action Trading Secrets, stock positioning sizing calculator and a bonus module on how to trade part-time. 

Pro Traders Edge ($49 Per Month To $99 Per Month)

Pro Traders Edge is a monthly subscription for stock and forex traders.

It basically gives you trade ideas every week.

Here's what you get:

Pro Traders Edge Report

The Pro Traders Edge Report is a weekly report and is the result of Rayner's analysis of the stock market and forex/futures market.

You get a 15 minute video every week summing up what Rayner learned as well as 4 to 8 trading ideas.

Technical Trade Report

The Technical Trade Report is from an unnamed "Mr. X."

This report covers forex and futures and helps you time entries and exits.

Premium PDF Trading Strategy Guides

With the membership you also get access to a bunch of strategy guides.

Some of the guides include information on:

  • Swing trading
  • Forex trading
  • Pinbar trading
  • Trend reversal 

and much more. In total there's over 80 different pdf guides.

Premium Support (If You Choose $99 Per Month)

The difference between the $49 per month and $99 per month is the level of support that you receive.

If you get the premium service you get the following:

  • Live Q&A's
  • Recordings of Q&A sessions  
  • Priority email support

Free Guides

Rayner also has a bunch of free guides and courses you can take.

Since they're free I'm not going to review them.

Here's a list of topics you can learn about for free:

  • Forex
  • Candlestick patterns
  • Stocks
  • Trading Terms
  • Tradingview tutorial
  • Price Action 
  • Trading indicators

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Customer Reviews And Complaints

This is the main controversy for Rayner is in my opinion.

If you look at all the places where customers leave their reviews you see a lot of positive reviews.

Too positive.

When doing my research I saw this:

Basically this person said he was promised premium training if he left a positive review about the course.

This is something that is pretty common but it's also not really a good thing either.

It's hard to know which reviews are legitimate and which are not because of this.

Additionally, when looking for reviews I saw something weird..

A lot of people were leaving super positive reviews but giving the program one star:

There were some negative reviews and my guess is Rayner instructed people to leave a positive review but with one star. 

This would drown out the legitimate criticism. 

The two biggest complaints I saw were people not receiving the book and not getting a refund.

There wasn't a ton of people saying that but enough were that it is a little concerning.

I'm not really going to cover any of the positive reviews, though, because I can't tell which are real and which are fake.

Who Is Trading With Rayner For?

Trading With Rayner is only for a certain kind of trader.

Here's who I think would benefit the most:

Must Have $30,000 If Day Trading Stocks

All the stock strategies you get from Rayner are day trading strategies.

I'm personally not a big fan of day trading because it has such a low success rate but some people will want to give it a shot.

If you're going to be day trading, though, laws require you to have $25,000 in your trading account.

If you don't you can't make more than 3 trades per week.

If you're day trading you'll be making a lot more than that.

The reason I say $30,000 is you don't want your account to go below $25,000 on a bad trade.

If you're trading crypto or forex you won't need this amount of money.

Be Serious About Trading

Rayner doesn't recommend that you trade full time but instead part time.

However, day trading and forex require daily effort to be successful.

You'll need to devote time when the market opens and when it closes.. most likely hours a day.

These aren't strategies where you sit back and watch your stocks go up.

You will need to be actively trading.

Have A Technical Mind

There's a lot of different strategies when it comes to trading.

Some look at a company's debt, profit, revenue and things like that. Others factor in the news and geopolitical conflicts.

And others are very technical and based off price movements.

The strategies Rayner teaches are the latter.

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Trading With Rayner Price And Refund Policy

Many people seem to think the main service (which costs $49 to $99 per month) was too high but I don't think so.

You get stock picks, a bunch of training guides and support if you get the premium membership.

Compared to other offers it's definitely priced fairly.

If the stock picks are successful than it's worth more than the price.

The refund policy isn't bad either.

You get 30 days to get your money back no questions asked.

However, a bunch of people complained about not getting their money back.

Trading With Rayner Pros And Cons

  • A lot of training: Rayner puts out a lot of training and a lot of it is free. Seasoned training vets are even surprised by the sheer volume of training.
  • Not a bad price: His service is priced where I'd expect it to be.. not exactly low but definitely not too high.
  • Good energy: I like Rayner's energy. He's passionate and seems like a good person to learn from. 
  • Faking reviews: Rayner is definitely planting positive reviews or incentivizing positive reviews. It's pretty obvious.
  • People complain about not getting refund: I saw multiple people claim they never got their refund when they requested one. 
  • Some people didn't receive book: Many people also claimed they never got their book in the mail as well. 

Final Thoughts On Trading With Rayner

I think some people are a little over critical of Rayner.

He gets a lot of views on Youtube and I think some people just assume you're a scammer if it's that case.

He also is a smart marketer.

Again, people conflate that with manipulation and something more insidious.

There's some things to criticize, though.

Rayner shouldn't be manipulating reviews on third party services or incentivizing positive reviews.

He has a big enough brand and enough Youtube viewers where he shouldn't be doing that.

Overall I think Rayner definitely knows what he's talking about and the service isn't too badly priced.

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