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Stockbee Summary

Creator: Pradeep Bonde

Price: $389 per year and $450 for bootcamp

Rating: 3/5

Do I recommend? It depends

Summary: Stockbee is an under the radar service for day traders and swing traders.

The Stockbee community is helpful and you'll learn various set ups and day trading strategies.

The Bootcamp is offered every few months and is another place to learn trading principles.

I personally don't like day trading, though, and believe it's way to risky for the average investor. 

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Is Pradeep Bonde A Scam Artist?

I don't think so.

There's not really a lot of third party resources that cover Pradeep but he's been running Stockbee for a while.

You can't run a community like that for years if you aren't bringing something to the table. 

Pradeep claims he started seriously trading in 2004 without a lot of capital.

Eventually he started making money and now has millions.

Pradeep has a Twitter, Blogspot and Youtube.

You can get some free insights and training at each of those social media channels.

What Is Stockbee?

Stockbee is a community and education platform for swing traders and day traders.

These are two trading strategies that are getting more and more popular but I personally don't like them.

Online traders only have a success rate of 20% but day trading and swing trading is even lower - it's closer to a 10% success rate.

The reason for this is these are highly technical and time consuming trading strategies.

You basically have to guess whether a stock will rise within a day or a couple weeks.

Most people guess wrong.

But if you're willing to risk it and try and overcome the odds, Stockbee will help you.

In the next section I'll describe how.

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What Do You Get With Stockbee?`

There's two different components to Stockbee.

One is the online community and the other is a bootcamp that's held every few months.

Here's a breakdown of both.

Stockbee Community

The Stockbee community is a place where you discuss entry and setups to possible trades.

You won't really be getting picks here, though, as this is not a stock pick service like Mindful Trader

You'll talk about stocks with other members but none will be provided to you by Pradeep.

You'll learn various trading strategies like momo burst and episodic pivot.

Basically it's a chat room and mastermind group which is important for day trading and swing trading.


The bootcamp is held over Zoom and is spread out over two weeks, 4 modules in total.

The training goes over the following topics:

  • Module 1: Make Money From Swing Trading
  • Module 2: Working People
  • Module 3: Day Trading
  • Module 4: Psychology

Not groundbreaking stuff but if you're new to trading and need training, this can work.

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Customer Reviews And Complaints

There's mixed reviews about Stockbee but I'd say there's more positive than negative.

Here's a look at what people like and dislike about this service:

Plenty Of Strategies Taught

One thing customers seem to really appreciate is there's a lot of different trading strategies taught.

This allows you to find one that you like and improve your odds at success.

Here's an example of a customer expressing this sentiment:

Good Community

Another thing people seemed to like is the community.

Many customers believe there's a good variety of different traders to learn from and get help from.

Also, people felt the chat could get a little crazy but didn't seem too mind too much.

Can Have A Gamblers Feel

One of the reason I don't like day trading is because it feels like gambling to me.

Sure there's strategies you can use but at the end of the day 90% of people lose money.

That's probably worst than if you actually went to a casino!

A lot of people share this feeling and felt Stockbee felt too much like a craps table.

Who Is Stockbee For?

There's definitely some people that should avoid Stockbee. If you don't meet the following criteria don't even bother:

$30,000 To Invest MINIMUM

Another reason I don't like day trading is that you need a good chunk of capital to get started.

If you're in the US you need $25,000 in your account to make more than 3 trades a week.. all the strategies in Stockbee involve making multiple trades a week.

So if you don't have $30,000 (to keep you safely above the $25,000 mark) don't even bother with Stockbee.

Have A Lot Of Free Time

There's a training module in the Stockbee Bootcamp that covers how to trade while working but I don't think full time workers should bother.

Many customers pointed out this same thing - it's not worth trying if you work.

The reason is day trading is time intensive and requires HOURS of work every day.

This is especially true when the market opens and closes.

You Must Like Risk

Again, this isn't a trading strategy for the faint of heart and is very, very risky.

You can lose big chunks of cash in a day.

The only people that succeed are those that stick through.. past the bad trades.

If you're someone that spooks easy and gets down after a loss don't bother.

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Stockbee Cost And Refund Policy

The price of the two offers isn't terrible.

$389 a year to get access to quality and successful traders (everyday) is a good deal.

The more people you network with and the more people you can bounce ideas off of the better.

So if you're goal is to increase your odds of success $389 isn't too much.

The Bootcamp isn't that bad either.

$450 is what you should expect to pay for quality day trading and swing trading training. 

However, there is no refunds.

I am not a fan of this AT ALL. Every program should have some sort of refund policy for people unsatisfied.

Stockbee Pros And Cons

  • A Good community: Any time you surround yourself with successful people you improve your odds of success. You'll be able to do that at Stockbee.
  • Price isn't too bad: The price isn't exactly low but there's similar services that cost much more.
  • Good education: If want to learn how to implement trading strategies Stockbee is a good place. 
  • No refunds: Every program should have a refund policy. It's a red flag that Stockbee doesn't.
  • Only for day traders: Day trading is my least favorite way to trade. This community is essentially only for day traders.

Stockbee Final Thoughts

My biggest problem with Stockbee is that it's focused on day trading and swing trading.

These kinds of trading methods have the lowest success rate of all trading methods

Unless you're a seasoned vet that's already making money with day trading I wouldn't bother.

If you do already make money day trading this community can certainly help you improve.

Again, though, if you're new to trading I'd look at different styles of trading. 

Here's A Better Opportunity

Stockbee isn't bad but most people shouldn't get involved with day trading.

There's just better and easier ways to trade.

I've reviewed all the best places that will show you how to pick winning stocks.

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